7 Top Benefits of Corporate Housing

These days, temporary lodging for jet-setting employees is in high demand. Each year, Arizona welcomes thousands of business travelers working in industries like health care, government, technology, tourism, and more. As these business sectors continue to grow in places like Avondale, Peoria, and other West Valley cities, so does the need for comfortable, cost-efficient corporate housing for its various business travelers.

But what are the benefits of corporate housing as opposed to, say, a nice hotel room? The answer lies in the amenities, services, and next-level comfort that is catered specifically for business travel. 

1. First Rate Corporate Housing Options

Perhaps the biggest perk of corporate housing is the multitude of options available. Corporate housing options are as versatile and diverse as the business travelers they accommodate. You’ll find everything from corporate apartments in the city to single-family homes in the suburbs and everything in between.  Business travelers can narrow down their choices even further based on amenities and services.

Need a one-bedroom place with easy parking, recreational facilities, and housekeeping service?  Check out some of the valley’s fully furnished apartments.

Temporarily relocating with the family?  Discover spacious condos within close proximity to local parks. Whether you’re traveling solo or relocating with a group, the diversity of corporate housing makes it easy to find the right place to stay. 

2. Customer Service from Corporate Housing Providers

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If you’re searching for the perfect temporary accommodation, corporate housing providers can point you in the right direction. The term “corporate housing” refers to both a product and a service. Companies that specialize in corporate housing not only help you find the right product, ( ie, corporate apartment, house, etc.) but also provide services as part of the housing package.

This includes amenities like 24/7 customer service, handling maintenance issues, and more. Corporate housing providers like PrimeNest Arizona work with companies as well as individual employees to find the best corporate housing at reasonable prices. We’ll match any business traveler with the perfect housing package based on their preferred location, property type, amenities, and more!

3. Cost-Efficiency

Corporate housing is a more cost-efficient solution than hotels and can yield substantial savings for business travelers planning an extended stay. With competitive monthly rates for fully furnished properties, corporate housing companies are able to provide the housing package that suits your needs as well as your budget.

Things like utilities and all-inclusive amenities mean you only pay one flat fee, unlike hotels, which have the potential for additional, unforeseen costs. Some of those hotel costs include eating out and laundry service – all of which a traveler can do at home with no additional money spent.

4. More than a Traditional Hotel

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As a sunny vacation destination, Arizona has no shortage of resort and hotel room options. Business travelers on short business trips will be perfectly comfortable in a typical hotel room that comes with amenities like room service and a business center.  However, employees traveling for long periods of time or temporarily relocating for work need lodging that offers the comforts of home as well as superior business services.

Corporate housing does just that. Guaranteed high-speed internet access, on-site laundry facilities, and overall more space are just some of the convenient amenities that help business travelers not only feel at home for an extended period of time but also enhance their ability to get the job done.

5. Fully Furnished Accommodations

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Corporate housing properties are fully furnished and equipped to anticipate the business traveler’s every need. Even the simplest type of housing, such as a corporate apartment or condo, will be fully stocked and ready the moment guests arrive. Newer furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, as well as interior design, and business-friendly staging are all standard corporate housing perks designed to make any extended stay more comfortable.

Business travelers can expect to find kitchen utensils and cookware, towels and linens, televisions with cable, high-quality furniture, and more. The idea is to give business travelers their own space with all the necessities they need to feel at home.

 6. Valuable Perks for Potential Talent

When pursuing new talent for your company, corporate housing can be a powerful bargaining chip, especially if the job includes travel. Potential employees take into account the type of housing an employer is willing to pay for and it can be a huge factor in their decision. Young executives today are interested in corporate housing not just for their own comfort, but also because they know it can be a huge factor in the overall morale of the company.

7. Enhanced Company Morale

If you’re a company looking for corporate housing providers, you’ve taken the first step towards developing a positive company environment. If employees are required to be away from home during lengthy business trips, hotel stays can make them feel like they are living out of a suitcase. The comfort, convenience, and privacy corporate housing provides can do wonders when it comes to keeping your best talent happy and willing to go the extra mile.

For more information about corporate housing in the West Valley, contact PrimeNest Arizona. We offer fully furnished homes for business travelers and vacationers in places like Litchfield Park, Avondale, and many more!

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